Frequently Asked Questions

Please inquire here before you have questions about Bitmoon LTD. For the questions that is not on this page, you can contact live support during their working hours.

Yes,Bitmoon LTD (#10568377 has been registered on and has been running for years. We have a company development strategy based on each stage.In the initial stage, we operated in the field of technology consulting. Then due to the growth of demand for cryptocurrencies, we develop personnel to profit by mining, consulting and investment activities.

By sharing the link associated with your account with others people. When they make the investment then you will get the commission (6%-3%-1%) directly from it. You can get the referral link by logging into your account.

We work with: Perfect money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Tron.

Are not. Perfect money investments are usually processed instantly. For investments through the blockchain system. It needs 1-3 confirmations for the system to activate your investment.

Withdrawals are instant. Withdrawals on the blockchain system (cryptocurrencies) also need 1-3 confirmations to release funds to your wallet.

No, there are no fees for withdrawal/deposits.

Minimum withdrawal amount is $1 for Perfect Money, $30 for BTC & ETH, $10 for LTC, DOGE & TRX.

Of course, we always have plans to develop the project. For the security of online support staff, please do not send requests directly to them on chat box. Please send your detailed promotion request to (do not send images and files)

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